Are You Addicted to the Outcome?

Do you have a silent desperation inside you that you need them to say yes to your opportunity in order for you to believe you achieved success in that moment?

97% of Network Marketers fail in this industry because the answer to that question is 'yes'.

What You Need to Do :

You need to release the broken mindset of needing everyone to say yes to you.

Honestly, it's hard at first. Once you tackle your phone fear, pick up the phone and muster enough confidence to make the call, you often feel defeated when someone doesn't respond favorably to your offer. Your phone fear increases and you either procrastinate further or look for some 'secret' online strategy to make money without having to speak to people.

In network marketing it's important to have thick skin, expect a lot of no's and keep pushing forward with a 'no matter what' attitude. What's the alternative? Returning to a 9-5 job with no security and no freedom. What hurts more? Remaining average or picking up the phone and working towards a life of excellence?

Sitting in a nice chair out of the comfort of your home and chatting with people on the phone is really not that hard. The best part is, once you focus on the numbers in this business, the easier it all becomes. The more exposure to your business means more people saying ' yes'.

Slight sidetrack here... I am looking to re-design the site. Thinking about colour scheme quite a bit and would like feedback. What do you think about Yes, no? Leave me a comment. My apologies! I'm a scatterbrain, Let me get back to it now.

Once it's easy speaking to people, it becomes more fun and once it's fun you become more effective. Don't you want to enjoy your work, have fun and be more effective?

You have to really go for it in the beginning, no looking back. Focus on the numbers and realize the pain of staying where you are is worse then the pain of picking up the phone. Change your mindset and remind yourself that you have a wonderful opportunity to present to people who have a bigger vision in life, like you people who will not settle for average, like you and for people like you who want to change the world, enhancing one life at a time.

You can do this.

The opportunity is right there for you to take action now. Don't be addicted to the outcome on the phone, let it go and know you are not looking for everyone. Go find others who share your vision and decide to really go for it. You are playing to win and your persistence and passion will take you all the way.

Many thanks needs to go to Cambridge Laboratories who actually gave me the concept for this post in an twitter message they sent me. They certainly are supplement provider if anyone's interested.

Special Thanks - Once more, thanks for sharing the pix! - You trully are amazing individual. - Where could I be with out you?

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