Bank Of America Getting Better With The Short Sale Process

Good morning again! I hope all of you had a magnificent first week of the brand new year. We had a bunch of Bank of America short sales approved last week. That leads me to my focus for today, which is B of A short sales.

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Bank of America used to have a very poor reputation in the short sale business. If you had a house and your attempted to do short sale in Orlando, lots of agents wouldn't do them because they knew the Orlando short sale was predestined to flop.

Nevertheless, Bank of America has certainly stepped up and started cooperating with real estate experts in completing Orlando Short Sales. There have been lots of improvements at Bank of America when working with Orlando short sales. They now use a new system called Equator, which makes the short sale process a much smoother operation. There was a point when you would send in your short sale file to Bank of America and it would get misplaced. Today that does not happen. Everyone can see the advancement and people are getting support with their Orlando short sales.

If you have a Bank of America loan and are thinking about a short sale with your Orlando area home but you have heard awful things about it, I am here to inform you that Bank of America is leading the way today with short sales. If you have a B of a loan and are interested in doing a short sale, check out the link on our blog. Even if your loan isn't with Bank of America, check out our complimentary short sale package to identify with precisely how the Orlando short sale method works.

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