Use Your Traffic to Make Money

I'm going to share with you a few ways to use your traffic to make money. You need to squeeze every dollar out of your traffic, that you can. You need to maximize the money you make from your traffic.

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I see a lot of people spending all of their time getting all of this traffic to their web site. Well, that's a

great thing if you have your web site set up right, if not, it can be a disaster.

I see so many people setting up a web site and putting Google adsense on it. Then they just drive traffic to it, they don't make enough money and before they know it, they are back to their day job.

Their problem might not be that they didn't get enough traffic. You must use your traffic to make money, properly.

You need to do more than just rely on adsense. You need to experiment with both adsense and affiliate links.

Find out what works better and use that or if it works best to do both, then do it.

Go ahead a create your own information products to sell. You make all of the money from selling the product. I think that this is better than having adsense or affiliate links on your site, but different things work better for different people.

One thing that you absolutely have to do is start building your mailing list.

The money is in the list and if you don't set up a place on your web site for people to sign up for your list, you're letting a lot of people leaving without getting anything out of them.

They may not click on your ads or buy your product, but they might sign up for your list. Why would they sign up? You need to give them an incentive to sign up.

Create an information product from the Your Club Benefits area and give it to them for free, if they sign up. Run a newsletter where you send them a free issue each month, if they sign up.

Another thing to keep in mind and another reason selling your own product is so great is to make sure to have people sign up for your mailing list before they download. You can give them an option where they don't have to sign up to get your product, but you will get a lot of people who will.

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