Positioning, Not Prospecting

Have you noticed that the weakest link in the selling chain for most sales people is prospecting? Many people can do at least an adequate job of presenting their products or services, if there are some interested prospects in front of them. But most people I know simply hate prospecting. Most of the time they avoid it and only do it when absolutely necessary and when they do, do it poorly. To me there is nothing worse than spending time talking to people who are not interested or not qualified to say yes even if they could say yes.

What you need to do is to focus on positioning. By positioning yourself, you attract qualified prospects who want tofind out about you and seek you out to obtain your expert assistance in solving their problems. That is important because when you go to prospects and present yourself, many times they have their guard up or don't want to listen to what you have to say. However, when somebody discovers you and takes the initiative to seek you out for your expert assistance, then that person could possibly be a potential customer.

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